Easter Inspired Camp Cooking

Easter-themed Foil Packet Dinners

Prepare foil packet dinners filled with seasonal ingredients like ham, potatoes, and colorful veggies. Encourage kids to customize their packets with Easter-themed shapes or designs before cooking them over the fire.

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow "Eggs"

Warm up chilly evenings with mugs of hot cocoa topped with marshmallow "eggs." Use a cookie cutter to shape marshmallows into egg shapes for a playful twist on a comforting classic.

Campfire Stories with Easter Twist

Gather around the campfire and share Easter-themed stories and legends that celebrate the holiday's traditions and spirit of renewal. From tales of Easter bunnies to stories of springtime adventures, ignite imaginations with storytelling under the stars.

Egg-citing Campsite Decorations

Transform your campsite into an egg-citing Easter wonderland with festive decorations that add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor oasis.

Egg Tree Centerpiece

Create a focal point for your campsite with an egg tree centerpiece adorned with colorful eggs hanging from branches. It's a simple yet eye-catching decoration that captures the essence of Easter in nature.

Easter Bunting

String colorful banners and bunting across your campsite to add a pop of Easter cheer. Use fabrics in pastel hues or patterns inspired by nature to complement the outdoor surroundings.

Glowing Egg Lanterns

Illuminate your campsite with glowing egg lanterns crafted from battery-operated lights and translucent plastic eggs. Hang them from trees or place them around your tent for a magical ambiance after dark.

Nature-inspired Egg Displays

Incorporate natural elements like twigs, moss, and wildflowers into your egg displays for a rustic and organic touch. Arrange eggs in nests or nestled among rocks to blend seamlessly with the camping environment.

Easter-themed Tent Decor

Personalize your tent with Easter-themed decor like festive bunting, plush bunny pillows, and cozy blankets in pastel hues. Create a cozy retreat where kids can unwind after a day of outdoor adventures.